Primal Noms Basics – Coconut Butter

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January 20, 2013 by Sam

I love anything coconut – coconut water, coconut milk, coconut meat. Seriously, anything with coconut and I’ll eat it. I especially love coconut butter. I eat it by itself because it’s really just that delicious but it’s also really good on cut fruit like pears and apples, added to  smoothies, or even added to savory food like curry or squash. You can purchase coconut butter at the store, but it’s super pricey. It’s much cheaper and just as tasty to buy coconut flakes & make your own!

I went through a phase where I made tubs of coconut butter every week. It’s quite addicting. I actually wore out my old food processor from making too much of this stuff, which is how I ended up purchasing my awesome Vitamix. You can definitely make coconut butter in a food processor, but it takes a lot longer. If using a food processor, follow the instructions below, but you will need to let the processor run for about 10 minutes to get the right consistency.

Coconut Butter

Coconut Butter - Primal Noms

14 oz. unsweetened coconut flakes

pinch of salt

1 1/2 tsp. vanilla or almond extract

3 tbs. melted coconut oil

Add the coconut flakes, salt & extract to the Vitamix. Put the lid but remove the plug. Turn the Vitamix to 7 then slowly drizzle the coconut oil in. When all the oil has been added, turn the Vitamix to max power and let blend for about 30 seconds.

The heat from the Vitamix will melt the coconut butter a little bit and the end consistency should be soft and slightly runny.

Store coconut butter in a glass jar or plastic tub – it does not need to be refrigerated. If it’s a cold day, it may solidify but you can pop it in the microwave to get the soft texture back.


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