Primal Noms Basics – Bone Broth


February 5, 2014 by Sam

I love cooking with bone-in cuts of meat. Not only does it add more flavor to the meat, but you can also make broth with the bones afterwards! Making your own broth is inexpensive, easy & it adds a great flavor to soups & other dishes that you just don’t get with store-bought broth.

You can use any bones you like — chicken, pork, beef — you name it. If I roast a whole chicken, I toss the carcass in the slow cooker right away and make a broth. I like to save bones in the freezer until I have enough to make a good batch of broth. You can also buy bones at most grocery stores – just ask the butcher.

Adding vinegar to the bones while the broth cooks pulls the minerals out of the bones so you can benefit from all that mineral-y goodness & help out your own bones. Also, don’t be worried if after you refrigerate your broth, it’s thick & gelatinous like Jell-O! That’s a good thing & I always strive to get mine as gelatinous as I can. It’s the gelatin & collagen in the bones that make the broth thick and is something that store-bought broths usually lack. Here’s what my broth usually looks like after it cools:


This recipe is just a basic broth, but feel free to get creative with flavor additions (spices, herbs, veggies, etc.) you add to yours!

Bone Broth

 BoneBroth // PrimalNoms

Makes: 11 cups (based off using my 6 quart slow cooker)

3 – 4 lbs. beef, pork or chicken bones


2 tbs. apple cider vinegar

1 yellow onion, roughly chopped

5 garlic cloves, smashed

3 sprigs fresh rosemary

Add the bones to your slow cooker and pour in water, just enough to cover the bones. Add the remaining ingredients & turn the slow cooker on to the low setting.

After the broth has cooked for 24 hours, let it cool then pour the contents of the slow cooker through a strainer. Refrigerate or freeze your broth & enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Primal Noms Basics – Bone Broth

  1. I like to make broth from bones. I always buy whole poultry, instead of pieces, to save a few bucks and make sure they didn’t put too many weird things in it. And I love that quote “waste not want not” so I really do like to use every inch of the bird. Besides, real broth is much yummier than canned and salted varieties :)

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